The Odin’s Fortune Slot Machine

Odin, the one-eyed god, travels from Asgard to the iGaming world once more in Just For The Win’s first-ever grid slot, Odin’s Riches. Most players are familiar with the All-Father’s exploits because he has made this trip so many times. For instance, he sacrificed an eye so that he could watch everything that went on. Or, how he starved himself for nine days, stabbed himself, then hanged himself in order to decipher the runes. Where to begin? Odin enjoyed expanding his knowledge. A successful symbol collecting mechanism triggers the release of modifier bonuses and, maybe, free spins; this underlying mechanic is not so novel.

The Microgaming-powered action begins when 49 symbols are dropped onto a 7×7 grid with the objective of creating clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. Odin’s Riches lacks the elaborate graphics typically associated with Just For The Win and instead opts for a more general look and feel, with runes and simple symbols populating the grid. A tally counter sits on the far left, while a Viking longboat and a mountain of riches are depicted on the far right. The rest of the scene is a simple burgundy wall with a sophisticated Celtic pattern in the top right corner. It’s not particularly attractive, but you might make the case that it’s been done tastefully. The deciding criteria is a fantastic score that perfectly matches the high stakes activity on the track.

Some may have previously criticized Just For The Win for their games being too easy, but they’ve really turned it around as of late. A good push is required to get Odin’s Riches rolling, since it is not just very, but’very highly’ volatile. Once that happens, consecutive victories trigger a slew of bonus rounds and perhaps even some free games. You may win Odin’s favor with bets as low as 20 percent and as much as £/€50 on any gadget. The return to player percentage is 96.07%, and the potential is not tremendous at 5,000x.

You may form winning clusters from the 8 available pay symbols. Tiwaz, Othalan, Dagaz, and Mannaz are the first four runes, and a cluster of 15+ of them is only worth 5-12.5 times the stake. The remaining four apexes are occupied by various animals, such as ravens, serpents, wolves, and dragons. Clusters of 15 or more of them are worth a payout of 25x to 300x the wager. When you land a sizable cluster but get rewarded less than you expected, you’ll quickly realize that the symbol values are low in comparison to some grid positions. Fortunately, a number of options exist to increase the value of victories.

Features of Odin’s Wealth Slot Machine

Odin’s Riches is a grid slot game where the objective is to fill a collecting meter and earn several set-point modifications by hitting as many consecutive clusters as possible. If you manage to rack up a certain number of winnings, you’ll unlock a round of free spins that employ a rising win multiplier.

The Rolling Reels feature eliminates winning clusters to make room for more symbols to fall into place. Furthermore, each chain reaction produces a wild sign that may be used in place of any other pay symbol. If no new clusters emerge, Rolling Reels will stop working.

A meter is used to keep score of the winning symbols. When a total of 25 are amassed, a mini-feature is added to a queue; when no new victories arise, the features in the queue are activated. This includes:

In Dragon Riches, a winning combination is formed if five or more of the same symbol appear anywhere on the grid.

All low-paying symbols vanish during Wolf’s Hunger, launching Rolling Reels.

The Serpent’s Wit causes one weak symbol to be improved at random.

Rolling Reels are activated once the Raven’s Flight feature is activated, and diagonal rows of symbols in each corner of the grid are destroyed and replaced with 3-5 wilds.

When the meter is full (takes 125 symbols), you get 7 free games. One random mini-feature is prioritized over the others during free spins. Additionally, a win multiplier is introduced to the round, beginning at x1, and increasing by +1 with each mini-feature that goes off. If 125 symbols are gathered after a single spin, the round will be prolonged by three further spins.

Slots with Odin’s Gold: The Final Say

Playing Odin’s Riches is similar to playing other grid slots inspired by Play’n GO, with the goal being to rack up consecutive wins, fill a meter, earn modifiers, and then trigger free games. This method has proven effective in several other high-quality games, and it works well in Odin’s Riches as well. While the game’s presentation may seem simplistic at first, the experience quickly grows on you.

The cumulative effect of successive clusters heightens the dramatic effect of the music on the player’s immersion. When things start going your way and the meter starts filling up, the music sounds like it belongs in a high fantasy series and the plot has reached a pivotal point. The music is a great complement to the simple visuals.

Odin’s Riches is another proof that Just For The Win is always improving. Not that long ago, their games tended to be visually impressive but mathematically simplistic. Odin’s Wealth is the antithesis of that. The team has slowed down the visual feast in order to perfect the mathematical model. The author of Odin’s Riches claims that the game is “very highly” volatile, so players should be prepared to be patient as they progress through the tutorial.

You may lose a lot of money before the game really gets crazy, despite the fact that it has a lot of features and a high hit rate of 49.44%. It’s quite a sight to see all the modifiers waiting in line to perform their work when this happens. Bonus-game triggering spins typically last quite a while, resulting in a sizable profit even before the free drops begin. Odin’s Riches may not be able to compete for a top spot on the grid because of its moderate potential of just 5,000 times the investment, but that’s still a lot of money.

Odin’s Riches delivers a satisfying grid slot experience, which is all that really matters. It’s not really innovative, but it also doesn’t mess up. Players of grid slot machines get to experience thrilling, unpredictable action, while fans of Norse mythology may plunge into a gripping narrative.

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