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Understanding the game of baccarat is facilitated by familiarity with its rules and the relative worth of the many hands played.

There is no other casino game quite like baccarat; it aims for the same thing as blackjack but has vastly different rules, and it’s a game of chance like roulette but with considerably better odds. The first step to learning this amazing game is to comprehend how the baccarat hand values operate, and then the rest will all start falling into place.

In baccarat, players try to acquire as near to a value of 9 as possible without going over; however, unlike in blackjack, where players simply “bust out” if they go over their target value, baccarat hand values do not permit this.

Card values in Baccarat hands

Although standard 52-card decks are used, the values of the cards in baccarat are unlike those in any other card game. In baccarat, aces always have a value of 1, whereas image cards and 10s always have a value of 0. The other cards have the values printed on them, so a 2 is worth 2, a 3 is for 3, and so on. Another fact to keep in mind is that unlike blackjack, suit values have no bearing on baccarat hand values. When determining a hand’s worth in baccarat, there is no distinction between the suits.

Summarizing the worth of a baccarat hand

Now that we know who gets the Banker hand and who gets the Player hand in baccarat, we can learn their respective values. There are no options for determining the value of a baccarat hand; the numbers are fixed, and cannot be interpreted as either low or high. Simply sum up the points represented by the cards face up, keeping in mind that aces are worth 1, 10s and image cards are for zero. However, things aren’t quite that easy. In baccarat, the first digit of a hand’s total value is disregarded if it exceeds 9. Therefore, if you are dealt a 7 and a 6, you have a baccarat hand value of 13. However, as this number is already in the double digits, you delete the 1 and are left with a hand value of 3.

Baccarat hand examples and values

The elimination of the first digit might take some practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it, the rest is easy. Read over these examples of baccarat hand values to get a feel for the outcomes and try to deduce what factors into the values being what they are.

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