A Son de Mar is a new and cool gastronomic experience in Ibiza

Well name since the first moment, tasty at your senses since the first time


The gastronomy in “A Son de Mar” has a strong commitment whit Mediterranean tradition and is specializing in delicious rice like the famous “paella” and something about Spanish noodle dishes like the famous “fideuás”. Their dishes can be the perfect combination whit some ligth background of many diferent cultures, plus innovation and tradition, to give them some exclusive taste. The versatile menú of  a “A Son de Mar” can offers to you a wide variety of dishes as a classic Iberian ham from acorn, Cantabrian anchovies, unmatched Gourmet “Wagyu” Burger, the amazing steak “Nebraska”, the unmistakable Steak Tartar, the “calamar relleno”, “Gyozas de pollo payés”, provolone and arugula, and the final gold of our restaurant are the wide range of our delicious desserts, like the apple tart with raspberry and ice cream. At  “A Son de Mar” you can also enjoy with the omelette with label called “A Son de Mar” or  just the classic croissant, which can also offers you a full version, accompanied with fresh juices, coffee and flavored fruit tea. Finally, the cocktail menu and wine options includes a large selection of the most refreshing and fine drinks to enjoy on the table during the lunch time on the terrace at sunset time.

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